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Chuck's Backhoe Service, Inc. is a family owned business acquired by Abner Turk in 1974.  In the early years, Chuck's operated from its Miami location led by Abner & his son Richard. They provided excavation service for Florida Power & Light, the Dade County School Board and local construction trades. His son in law Don Horowitz joined in 1991, and son Jonathan joined in 1992. Abner retired in 1992.

No longer working for FP&L, Chuck's focused its efforts on commercial, industrial and residential projects, both private and governmental. Our fleet of equipment and service area grew year by year.   In September of 1998 the office moved to its corporate owned facility in Pompano Beach.  Chuck's continues to maintain a yard in Miami. Richard retired in 2015 with Jonathan and Don continuing to manage operations.  In 2016, Jonathan's son in law, David Epstein started working with Chuck’s.

Currently, Chuck's Backhoe Service has an extensive fleet of machines and experienced operators servicing Dade, Broward & Palm Beach counties.  In addition to providing heavy equipment rental with operator Chuck's Backhoe Service provides just the operator to run on-site equipment.

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Since 1974


Chuck's Backhoe Service, Inc.

Serving Dade, Broward and Palm Beach

  (954) 973-6600

Heavy Equipment Rental with Operator - "Operator Only" to Run Your  Equipment

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